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Apartments in Batumi "LUX PALACE" ORBI GROUP

Unit Price:€ 23550
ORBI Lux Palace object, accessible to all.  The complex is interesting because of its location, and most importantly because of the size of the investment and the payment options.  For fully equipped apartments, you can split the payment in two and pay the first installment for non-repaired and furnished apartments, and the remainder in one year (no later than December 31, 2020).  Construction Period: 2019 November by 2021 July. Location Bagrationi Street opposite Heroes' Avenue (3-4 line from the sea),  32 floors, commercial 2-storey height - 22m, the first "living" floor will be on the 7.5-storey standard residential building.  For free apartments call +37061166767 or send an inquiry by e-mail.  email with your full name and your contacts.




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